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Welcome to – the Public Service Alliance of Canada BC Regional website.

The PSAC is one of Canada’s largest unions. We are truly a national union with members from coast to coast to coast, in every province and territory. We even have an international face with members working abroad in embassies and consulates.

PSAC members in BC are employed in large and small communities throughout the province. Most of us work for the federal government, agencies, and crown corporations and an increasing number work in the private and community services sectors. We preserve Canada’s natural and historic heritage, we collect statistics for the business community, we maintain airport runways and navigation systems, we monitor fish stocks, we provide support to the military and RCMP, we administer pensions and employment insurance, we respond to emergencies at airports and at sea, we predict the weather, we do agricultural research, we help new Canadians get settled, we stop guns and drugs at the border, we make sure your food is safe to eat, we work with inmates and parolees, we support veterans and their families and we send you your tax refund. We do all this, and more.

Members in the BC Region are represented on the Alliance Executive Committee by the Regional Executive Vice-President. The REVP also chairs the BC Regional Council - a group of members elected within the region to work with and give voice to members from British Columbia. Click for more information about governance within the BC Region: the REVP, the BC Regional Council, and our bylaws.

Members in British Columbia are serviced by two Regional Offices located in Vancouver and Victoria. The staff are responsible for negotiating collective agreements, organizing new members, representing members at hearings, organizing strikes, facilitating union education and offering on-going advice and assistance to locals and regional bodies.

Visit our national website for more information about the PSAC in general.

Published: December 10, 2010

In This Section

Area Councils

Information about the 7 PSAC Area Councils in BC

Education program

More information about the Education program in BC, including course schedules and descriptions.


A listing of PSAC BC Regional Staff, where they work and what they do. Includes which staff representatives support which locals.

Human Rights Committees

BC has three Human Rights Committees - based in Victoria, Vancouver, and the Okanagan

Regional Executive Vice-President

The REVP for BC is Bob Jackson. He chairs the BC Regional Council and sits on the Alliance Executive Committee.


This is a collection of all the Steward-related information and posts on the website.

BC Regional Council

Information about the Regional Council - PSAC's governing body in BC.

Regional Womens Committees

Information about PSAC Regional Womens Committees and women's issues.

Young Workers Caucus

Information about the Young Workers Caucus - a group for PSAC members under the age of 30.

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