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BC Regional Council


At the 1997 PSAC National convention the delegates passed a resolution supporting the Regionalization of the union. This established the following regions: Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, National Headquarters, Prairies, British Columbia and the North.

Each region is represented on the Alliance Executive Committee by a Regional Executive Vice-President. The 7 REVPs along with the National President and the National Vice-President form the governing body of the Alliance.

The Regional Executive Vice-President for B.C. is Bob Jackson. He was elected to the position of  REVP in 2011 and Jayne Johns was elected as Alternate REVP.

Prior to his election as REVP, Bob worked for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as Regional Operations Coordinator in Vancouver since 1987. He started his career in Winnipeg as Meat Inspector. Bob was Regional Vice-President for the Agriculture Union Component, a position he had held since 1993.

He was a founding member of the BC Regional Council and he held the National Officer Coordinator on the BC Regional Council for two terms. Bob has been a very active member of the PSAC since 1979 and he has held various positions in his Local including President of Agriculture Union Local 20044 from 1990 to 1993. Bob has been a Health and Safety activist since the beginning of his career and he served on various Health and Safety Committees including the National Policy Committee as union representative.

The BC Regional Council

The B.C. Regional Council is composed of geographic representatives, equity representatives, a representative each for the National Officers, Directly Chartered locals and Health & Safety.

All positions on the BC Regional Council are elected from among the membership. The Regional Executive Vice President is a full-time paid position. All other members of the council work in jobs represented by the union and serve the union as volunteers. In addition to chairing the BC Regional Council, the REVP represents BC on the Alliance Executive Committee, the body that runs the union nationally. He also represents the PSAC on the Executive Council of the BC Federation of Labour.

The Regional Councils meets 4 times a year to strategize on issues that affect PSAC members in B.C. The minutes of meetings will be posted on this website as well as any upcoming meetings.

If you have any items you wish the council to discuss or if you have any questions or concerns you can contact the REVP by email: revp-bc [at] psac [dot] com.

Here is a list of the BC Regional Council Members elected at the 2011 BC Regional Convention.

Regional Executive Vice Presidentrevp-bc [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Bob Jackson)
A/REVPJohnsJ [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Jayne Johns)
Metro Vancouver CoordinatorMillsJ [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Jamey Mills)
Metro Vancouver CoordinatorShawna Bundac
Metro Vancouver CoordinatorLeeT [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Terri Lee)
East Fraser Valley CoordinatorPallerA [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Anthony Paller)
West Fraser Valley CoordinatorHoJ [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Jennifer Ho)
Southern Interior CoordinatorRoberta Drinkwater
Southern Interior CoordinatorYaciwS [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Susan Yaciw)
Northeast BC Coordinatorcurrently vacant
Northwest BC CoordinatorGomesB [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Benilde Gomes)
South Island CoordinatorLittleC [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Cindy Little)
South Island Coordinator and A/WomensVaillaV [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Virginia Vaillancourt)
North Island CoordinatorChristine Walker
Aboriginal Equity CoordinatorHeather DuDoward
Racially Visible Equity CoordinatorSargy Chima
MWD Equity CoordinatorShudoT [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Tracy Shudo)
Womens CoordinatorMegyesK [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Kelly Megyesi)
Pride Equity CoordinatorCroesP [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Paul Croes)
Health & Safety CoordinatorLinda Harding
DCL/Small Separate Employers CoordinatorSharon Tieman
National Officers CoordinatorHumphrN [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Nick Humphreys)
Young Workers CoordinatorYangE [at] psac-afpc [dot] com (Erica Yang)
A/MetroJennifer Horsley
A/West Fraser ValleyCeline Ahodekon
A/NortheastAnne Evasin
A/NorthwestBarry Cunningham
A/South IslandSteven Portlock
A/South IslandSharon Brine
A/North IslandTom Hopkins
A/AboriginalKarla Point
A/Racially VisibleSonia Manak
A/MWDMichael Doerfler
A/PridePaul Jones
A/Young WorkersDaphne Ho
A/WomensVirginia Vaillancourt

May 1: Standing Together For Public Services, Standing Together For Fairness

Apr 9, 2014 •

On May 1st PSAC members across BC will congregate outside of their worksites and hold signs that say "Standing Together for Public Services, Standing Together for Fairness”.

It’s time to send a message to the government: We are united, ready and committed to defending our collective agreements, public services, and our working conditions.

Why? Because we know this government is determined to try to take away as many of our negotiated benefits as possible.  That’s the example they’re setting. 

BC Regional Council meeting minutes and documents - January 2014

Mar 14, 2014 •

Here are the minutes of the BC Regional Council meeting held January 17,18,19 2014 in Vancouver, and supplemental documents.

BC Regional Council meeting minutes - September and November 2013

Jan 24, 2014 •

Here are the minutes of the BC Regional Council meeting held September 20,21,22 2013 in Vancouver, and a conference call held November 7 2013.

Seasons Greetings and Solidarity!

Dec 18, 2013 •

Sisters and Brothers,

I know that 2013 has been a tough year for PSAC members in BC. The federal government cuts that began last year continued: to date over 1600 PSAC members here in the province have been laid off or received affected letters and have been told their jobs are at risk.

BC Regional Council meeting minutes and Coordinators reports - September 2013

Nov 25, 2013 •

Here are the Regional Council reports and teleconference call minutes presented at the September 2013 Regional Council meeting.

ACTION ALERT: Protect B.C.’s water from corporate freeloaders

Aug 23, 2013 •

via the PSAC BC Regional Council Environment Committee

Please take a moment to sign and share this important petition!

Imagine a place where companies can take as much water as they want. They don’t need to ask permission from government or the community. And they don’t have to pay any fees for the water they use. Sound unbelievable?

Well, it’s not – at least not in British Columbia.

Reminder: Regulation 5 - Rights and responsibilities of non dues-paying members

Jul 31, 2013 •

A reminder regarding Regulation 5 of the PSAC Constitution, which defines the rights and responsibilities of  members who are temporarily away on leave without pay. In order to remain a member in good standing members must advise the PSAC Natinonal President. A template letter is available for download below.


BC Regional Council meeting minutes - April 2013

May 27, 2013 •

Here are the minutes of the BC Regional Council meeting held April 5,6,7 2013 in Vancouver.

BC Regional Council meeting minutes and Coordinators reports - April 2013

May 9, 2013 •

Here are the Regional Council reports presented at the April 2013 Regional Council meeting.

April 22nd is Earth Day: PSAC BC Regional Council Environment Committee

Apr 17, 2013 •

April 22nd, Earth Day,  is a day celebrated each year on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Did you know the PSAC BC Regional Council has an Environment Committee?

Here's their mission statement which will direct their activities over the next year.

PSAC members are getting together to defend jobs, services and our union rights

Apr 15, 2013 •

The National Board of Directors of the PSAC has unanimously endorsed a plan to protect our members against new threats to our Collective Agreement rights.

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