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To find the PSAC Regional Representative responsible for your Local, use ctrl-f and search for your Local number. Click on a staff person's name to send them an email.


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Staff working in the Vancouver Regional Office

Hetty Alcuitas : Secretary

Luc Guevremont : Regional Coordinator

Janelle Ho Shing : Regional Representative

Janelle is responsible for he following locals in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley as well as the Political Action, National Human Rights Committee, Mainland Human Rights Committee portfolios. She also coordinates the work of the East Fraser Valley Area Council.

  • AGR 20038 Agassiz
  • CEIU 20903 Abbotsford
  • CEIU 20960 Chilliwack
  • CIU 20040 CBSA
  • DCL 20020 MDS Nordion
  • UNE 20378 Granville Island
  • UPCE 20095 Purolator
  • USGE 20015 Fraser Valley Institutions
  • USGE 20017 Pacific Institution/Regional Treatment Centre Abbotsford
  • USGE 20040 Kent
  • USGE 20054 Matsqui
  • USGE 20091 Regional Head Quarters
  • USGE 20130 Mission
  • USGE 20141 Ferndale
  • USGE 20155 Kwikwixwelhp
  • USGE 20156 Mountain Inst., Agassiz

Deanna Kimball : Regional Representative

Deanna is responsible for the following locals in the North and Downtown Vancouver as well as the NorthWest and NorthCentral Area Councils. She also coordinates the work of Vancouver, North, Okanagan, and Victoria Regional Womens Committes and the National Aboriginal Peoples Circle in BC. She also coordinates bargaining mobilization for our Canada Post members in BC.

  • AGR 20042 Prince Rupert
  • CEIU 20901 Vancouver RHQ
  • CEIU 20921 Prince George
  • CEIU 20922 Prince Rupert
  • CEIU 20925 WmsLake/Quesnel/100 Mi Hse.
  • CEIU 20926 Terrace / Smithers
  • CEIU 20928 Fort St. John / Dawson Ck.
  • CEIU 20938 CIC
  • CEIU 20974 Immigration RB
  • GSU 20008 Government Services
  • GSU Y0046 Fort Nelson
  • UCTE 20024 Fort St. John
  • UCTE 20212 Prince George Airport
  • UCTE 20213 PR CGuard / Sandspit Airport
  • UCTE 20215 Prince Rupert Airport
  • UCTE 20219 Vancouver, Penticton Air.
  • UCTE 20221 Vancouver Airport
  • UNE 20088 Composite
  • UNE 20089 Labour Canada
  • UNE 20100 Fort St. James Park
  • UNE 20301 Stats Canada
  • UNE 20723 Queen Charlotte City
  • UNE 39333 Prairie Farm Rehab Admin
  • UPCE 20101 Vancouver
  • USGE 20070 Prince George RCMP
  • USGE 20071 Prince Rupert RCMP
  • USGE 20086 BC Mainland Parole
  • USGE 20090 Department of Justice
  • USGE 70061 CSIS, National Local
  • USGE 70093 Public Safety / Emerg Prep
  • USGE 70125 Federal & Supreme Court
  • UTE 20002 Prince George
  • UVAE 20029 Veterans Affairs
  • UVAE 20045 Veterans Affairs West Reg DO

Katherine Kirkwood : Secretary

Patricia Mullin : Admin Assistant

A familiar face to CEIU members, Patricia is enjoying working at the Vancouver Regional Office. Chances are good that she'll be the person answering the phone when you call! Patricia has been with CEIU/PSAC since 1985.

Deb Seaboyer : Education Officer

Deb has been a union member throughout her working life, including almost 20 years as a PSAC member working for Canada Post Corporation.  She began working for PSAC as an Acting Regional Representative and then in December 2002 started working fulltime in her substantive position as the PSAC Grievance and Adjudication Officer for BC and the Yukon.  Her duties involved providing representation at arbitration hearings for PSAC members anywhere in Canada.  In December 2013, Deb became the Regional Education Officer, where she plans to apply her administration skills, love of education and knowledge gained throughout her 34 years as a worker to assist the staff to provide training for the members that broadens and strengthens the labour movement within the BC Region.

Robert Strang : Regional Representative

Robert is responsible for the following locals in the Okanagan/Kootenays and Surrey/Delta/Langley. He is also responsible for the Okanagan and West Fraser Valley Area Councils and the Okanagan Human Rights Committee, and is the Regional Mobilization Coordinator for the Treasury Board PA EB SV TC and FB bargaining units and NavCan.

  • AGR 20027 Kelowna / Vernon CFIA
  • AGR 20041 Okanagan CFIA
  • AGR 20043 Summerland
  • CEIU 20910 Surrey
  • CEIU 20914 Kamloops / Salmon Arm
  • CEIU 20915 Vernon
  • CEIU 20917 Penticton
  • CEIU 20918 Nelson/Cranbrook
  • CEIU 20964 Langley
  • CEIU 20972 Kelowna
  • CIU 20045 Borders
  • UNE 20106 Mount Revelstoke
  • UNE 20214 Industry Canada
  • UNE 20278 Fort Langley
  • UCTE 20222 NAVCAN
  • UCTE 20230 Kamloops
  • USGE 20067 Kootenay RCMP
  • USGE 20069 Kamloops RCMP
  • USGE 20153 Kelowna RCMP
  • UTE 20003 Kelowna TSO
  • UTE 20007 Burnaby-Fraser TSO
  • UTE 20026 Penticton TSO
  • UTE 20029 Surrey TSO
  • UTE 20050 Burnaby Fraser Call Centre
  • UVAE 20035 Veterans Affairs, interior

Monica Urrutia : Regional Representative

Monica previously worked for Canada Revenue Agency, Passport Canada, and Canada Border Services Agency and was a PSAC member for eight years, involved at local, regional, and national levels. She started her activism through youth and women's issues in the Filipino and broader community and saw a need to bridge this social activism with the union movement. She is proud to have worked with other ground breakers who pushed to have youth involved in the union movement. She was the first CLC Youth Vice President, the first PSAC National Youth Representative, as well as the first PSAC-BC Regional Council-Youth Coordinator. Now as a full-time staff person working as a PSAC Regional Representative she continues to put her experiences to work for the benefit of the members. Monica is responsible for the following Downtown and Lower Mainland locals, the Mainland Young Worker Committee, the Vancouver Area Council, as well as being the Mobilization Coordinator for CFIA and SSO members in BC and the Granville Island and Purolator bargaining units. Monica also has the International Solidarity portfolio.

  • AGR 20044 Lower Mainland CFIA
  • AGR 20060 Grain Commission
  • DCL 22000 First Nations Health Authority
  • CEIU 20937 ITC Service Canada
  • CEIU 20939 North Vancouver
  • CEIU 20944 10th Ave / Fraser Street
  • CEIU 20951 Richmond
  • CEIU 20961 EI Telecentre - SC
  • NHU 20031 Health Canada
  • NRU 20088 Province-wide
  • UCTE 20223 Coast Guard
  • UEW 20147 Fisheries & Oceans
  • UEW 20729 Pacific Region - Env. Canada
  • UNE 20140 Stats Survey Operations
  • UNE 20150 Indian & Northern Affairs Canada
  • UTE 20027 Vancouver TSO

The staff working in the Collective Bargaining Branch Office

Abudi Awaysheh : Regional Grievance & Adjudications Officer

Laurel Axam : Secretary

I began working for the Government of Canada in April 1980. My 19th birthday was celebrated one week before this. I was a CR-2 in an Unemployment Insurance (now called Employment Insurance) office when I walked my first picket line during the September 1980 CR strike. In 1981 (in May if memory serves) I got a CR-3 position at “CIC Metro” in Vancouver, the regional office for Immigration Canada. Then in September 1981 I got a CR-4 position with Labour Canada. Labour Canada became part of Human Resources Development Canada when it was formed in 1994. While working for Labour Canada and HRDC I held a variety of positions with Local executives in the National Component. The union officer position I held the longest was that of Local Secretary. I stayed with Labour until being assigned to HRDC’s Finance section in 1997. I worked for HRDC (now HRSDC and SDC) until November 2003 when I started working with Deb Seaboyer and Moe Ritchie in the Vancouver Satellite Office, Collective Bargaining Branch of the PSAC.

Erna Post : Regional Negotiator

The staff working in the Regional Executive Vice President's office

Bob Jackson : Regional Executive Vice President, BC

Bob Jackson is the PSAC's Regional Executive Vice-President for British Columbia.

Kristin Schnider : REVP's Executive Assistant

Patrick Bragg : Political Communications Officer

Staff working in the Victoria Regional Office

Dave Jackson : Regional Representative

Dave is the Regional Representative in Victoria. He is responsible for all these Vancouver Island locals, the Victoria and North Vancouver Island Area Councils, the Vancouver Island Human Rights Committee and the Vancouver Island Young Workers Committee. Dave is also the Regional Mobilization Coordinator for the Parks and CRA bargaining units in BC.

  • AGR 20064
  • CEIU 20912 Courtenay
  • CEIU 20941 Victoria
  • CEIU 20947 Nanaimo
  • CEIU 20963 Campbell River
  • CEIU 20966 Duncan
  • CEIU 20967 Saanich HRCC
  • CEIU 20969 Port Alberni
  • CEIU 20973 Victoria - Immigration
  • CEIU 20975 Victoria
  • CIU 20042 Victoria
  • DCL 20500 Commissionaires - Island
  • UEW 20076 Ocean Sciences
  • UEW 20090 Nanaimo
  • UEW 20169 Pacific Forestry Centre
  • GSU 20001 Victoria Services
  • UNE 29266 Pacific Rim Natl Park Reserve
  • UNE 20280 Gulf Islands Park
  • NHU 20017 Island
  • UCTE 20209 Victoria Airport Authority
  • UCTE 20218 Tofino
  • UCTE 20220 Coast Guard
  • UCTE 20232 Lightkeepers
  • UNDE 21007 CFB Comox
  • UNDE 21008 National Defence
  • UNDE 21009 National Defence
  • UNDE 21010
  • UNDE 21011 Rocky Point
  • UNDE 21013 Ships Crews
  • UNDE 21016
  • UNDE 21017 Nanoose Bay
  • UNDE 21018 IMP
  • UPCE 20104 Canada Post
  • USGE 20012 Victoria
  • USGE 20018 William Head & Parole
  • USGE 20174 Vancouver Island North
  • UTE 20028 Victoria TSO
  • UVAE 20030 Veterans Affairs

James Little : Regional Representative / Health and Safety

James is responsible for the following locals in the Lower Mainland as well as the Health and Safety (BRUSH Committee) portfolio:

  • CEIU 20943 Maple Ridge / Coquitlam
  • CEIU 20949 Burnaby / New Westminster
  • USGE 20011 Lower Mainland RCMP

Rosemary MacKenzie : Admin Assistant

Rosemary became a member of PSAC in 1981 back in Ottawa. In the mid 1990’s, after relocating BC, she became Local President / National Officer / RVP for NRU 20088. She started out as A/Secretary for the Victoria Regional Office in November 2003. In May 2004, she became the Admin Assistant. Rosemary enjoys the interaction with the members she serves on the Island. One of her main interests is her Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide.