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PSAC negotiates wages and working conditions for employees in almost 150 Locals and in hundreds of workplaces in our region. See below for national and regional updates.

Visit the national website for specific updates on all current national negotiations

Specific regional updates

SSO: Federal Court issues decision

Jan 23, 2015 •

We have been in dispute with SSO concerning a new Collective Agreement since bargaining began in February, 2012. There have been petition drives, picketing of SSO offices, a rally at Stats Can headquarters in Ottawa, complaints filed with the Labour Board, and arbitration hearings. When SSO challenged our ability to have certain seniority-based proposals dealt with in arbitration, we took SSO before the Labour Board and ultimately to court.

Treasury Board Bargaining Update: PSAC calls on the government to take action on mental health and child care during negotiations

Jan 21, 2015 •

Our PA, TC, SV, EB, and FB teams spent the week in negotiations with Treasury Board, seeking significant improvements to the mental health provisions in our collective agreements as well improved child care options for public service workers. These proposals were tabled during negotiations with Treasury Board on Tuesday January 13.

Audio: Robyn Benson on CFRA News Talk Radio, January 8 2015

Jan 14, 2015 •

Robyn Benson, PSAC National President, talks to Rick Gibbons on CFRA Radio in Ottawa about the ongoing negotiations with the federal government, sick leave, the upcoming election, and year ahead for federal public sector workers.

PSAC calls on the government to take action on mental health and child care during negotiations

Jan 14, 2015 •

The Public Service Alliance of Canada is seeking significant improvements to the mental health provisions in their collective agreements as well improved child care options for public service workers.

The union tabled these proposals during negotiations with Treasury Board on Tuesday January 1

Personalized news, collective agreement and contract information for members

Jan 13, 2015 •

PSAC members can log in to the website to get news about their employer, their collective agreement, and contact information for their region, component or local.

We launched our improved member information dashboard in December.

Video: We keep Canadians safe

Jan 12, 2015 •

As Canadians, when we go to work every day, ride the train, fly in a plane, or enjoy our natural environment, how do we know we are safe and secure?

Negotiations with CRA continue

Dec 8, 2014 •

This week our bargaining team met with the Agency to continue negotiations for a new collective agreement.

Over the course of the four days, the parties engaged in exploratory talks on the key outstanding issues such as duration, wages, severance pay, hours of work and job security.

No agreement was reached, but in the spirit of good faith negotiations, the parties agreed to return to the bargaining table the first week of February. 

We'll be sure to provide updates as things progress.

CRA bargaining: Public Interest Commission (PIC) releases recommendations

Nov 28, 2014 •

On November 26, 2014, the PSAC received the Public Interest Commission (PIC) recommendations concerning our contract dispute with CRA.

The PIC recommendations are non-binding. It is intended to guide the parties in negotiations and help provide an avenue for the parties to make progress towards an agreement. A copy of the PIC recommendations can be found below.

PSAC pushes for transparency and healthy workplaces in negotiations with Treasury Board

Nov 21, 2014 •

PSAC spent the week of November 18 in negotiations with Treasury Board, seeking to improve workplace conditions on behalf of more than 100,000 of our members. In doing so, we put forward proposals that would both protect workers strengthen public services for all Canadians.

PSAC fights for healthier workplaces in negotiations with government

Nov 13, 2014 •

Our union is in the midst of negotiations with the federal government on behalf of 100,000 members that work for Treasury Board. PSAC is putting forward concrete proposals that will make federal workplaces healthier. Because healthy workplaces mean better services for all Canadians.

Nav Canada Ratification Vote Meeting - November 13

Nov 3, 2014 •

The PSAC/Nav Canada bargaining team reached a tentative agreement on October 27th and a ratification vote has been scheduled for PSAC/UCTE Local 20222 members.

  • Thursday, November 13, 2014
  • Hours: 1100-1300
  • Location: Room 1156C - 7421 135th Street, Surrey

Bargaining Team Member, Michelle Webster and UCTE RVP-Pacific, Dave Clark, will be on hand to answer any questions.

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