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Health and Safety

If you are interested in getting involved with the Health and Safety issues in BC, email littlej [at] psac [dot] com (James Little) in the Victoria Regional Office. This is a collection of all the H&S related information and posts on the website.

The BC Regional Council Health and Safety Coordinator is Linda [dot] Harding [at] pwgsc-tpsgc [dot] gc [dot] ca (Linda Harding).

Members' Telephone Town Hall on Collective Bargaining and Sick Leave - recording

Apr 14, 2014 •

The audio of a Telephone Town Hall for PSAC members in British Columbia held April 7th 2014. The topic was collective bargaining and sick leave. Visit the national website for more information.

How the Conservatives expanded the temporary worker pipeline

Mar 28, 2014 •

For decades, Canada has relied on migrant workers to help develop the economy. Many come through the government’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). This program was intended to fill very specific jobs on a short term basis—jobs that required workers and skills that did not exist in the country.  But since 2006, the Harper government has made it much easier for employers of all kinds to use migrant workers. It’s like they’ve built a pipeline that can be easily tapped into. 

BC Regional Council meeting minutes and documents - January 2014

Mar 14, 2014 •

Here are the minutes of the BC Regional Council meeting held January 17,18,19 2014 in Vancouver, and supplemental documents.

Bill C-21 - The Red Tape Reduction Act: fewer regulations, fewer inspections

Feb 25, 2014 •

Bill C-21, also known as the Red Tape Reductions Act was introduced into Parliament recently. The Act seeks to reduce regulatory compliance on businesses by requiring the government to remove one regulation for every new one added.

Instead of strengthening protections, this Act is clearly moving in the opposite direction.

Consultations started on Bill C-21 a few years ago through the partisan "Red Tape Reduction Commission," composed of Conservative members of Parliament, business executives and lobbyists.

BC Regional Council meeting minutes - September and November 2013

Jan 24, 2014 •

Here are the minutes of the BC Regional Council meeting held September 20,21,22 2013 in Vancouver, and a conference call held November 7 2013.

Federal unions to take legal action against Bill C-4

Dec 10, 2013 •

Federal public sector unions are joining forces to challenge an unprecedented assault on collective bargaining and workplace health and safety by the Conservative government.

The unions have agreed to pool their resources in advance of the next round of collective bargaining with Treasury Board in 2014. In order to defend the rights of their members, the unions will take joint action to challenge the constitutionality of Bill C-4, the legislation containing these dramatic changes, now being rushed through Parliament

PSAC Submission to the House of Commons Finance Committee on Bill C-4

Nov 26, 2013 •

The Public Service Alliance of Canada is very pleased to have the opportunity to address the Committee. As the largest union in the federal public service representing over 180,000 members from coast to coast to coast, we have long advocated for changes to the legislation under which we operate in this sector.

BC Regional Council meeting minutes and Coordinators reports - September 2013

Nov 25, 2013 •

Here are the Regional Council reports and teleconference call minutes presented at the September 2013 Regional Council meeting.

Chris Aylward tells parliamentary committee to scrap health and safety changes in Bill C-4

Nov 25, 2013 •

PSAC's National Executive Vice-President presented to the house committee on human resources and skills development Nov. 22, urging the committee to amend the government's latest budget implementation bill to remove provisions that would weaken federal health and safety regulations.

The brief takes on the redefinition of the word 'danger', the change to accident investigation rules and the role of health and safety officers.

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