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Come one come all! Help out at the Surrey Fusion Festival.

July 11, 2014 • Metro

Fusion Festival in Holland Park is a celebration of music, food, and culture that takes place July 19th and 20th. PSAC BC will be hosting an info booth in the vendors area.

As we've done for the past several years, we'll be raising the profile of our union: talking to the public and other PSAC members about our work as federal public sector workers, the effects of the cuts and PSAC's We Are All Affected campaign. These events are always fun, and are a great way to meet your fellow union members and members of the public.

PSAC stands strong as negotiations with Treasury Board kick off

July 10, 2014 • Bargaining

This week, PSAC begins the formal bargaining process with Treasury Board, negotiations that will impact more than 90,000 members.

Before sitting down at the table with the employer, we held meetings with our members all across the country. We heard loud and clear that PSAC members want to protect strong public services for all Canadians.

The following principles will guide us at the bargaining table:

PSAC files complaint over Treasury Board sick leave tactics

July 10, 2014 • Bargaining

PSAC filed an unfair labour practice complaint on Monday, July 7th in response to Treasury Board’s efforts to claw back sick leave benefits from employees.

Treasury Board is moving unilaterally to put in place a Short Term Disability scheme even though its collective agreements with employee unions provide paid sick days and engaging in misleading communications to the public and employees.

Peoples Social Forum Aug 21-24, Ottawa: Bursaries Available

July 4, 2014 • Human Rights, Political Action

PSAC BC Regional Newsletter for July 2014

July 3, 2014 • Bargaining, Human Rights, Political Action

Pride Month

July 1, 2014 • Human Rights, Human Rights Committees, Pride
PSAC pride flag

June 20 to 29, 2014 marks the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

PSAC members in Vancouver and Victoria hit a home run during NPSW

June 25, 2014 • Bargaining, Political Action

PSAC members in Vancouver and Victoria hosted two softball tournaments during National Public Service Week. By all accounts these events were a great success! Some photos above, and more at the links ...

Robyn Benson: Standing together makes our voices stronger

June 24, 2014 • Political Action

I can remember facing the future with confidence when I was in my early twenties. I didn’t enter the workforce saddled with enormous student debt. There were good jobs out there. And I ended up being better off than my parents, because that’s the way it was supposed to be. But today, none of these things are true. The so-called “millennials”—all 8 million of them—are deeply uneasy about their future, according to a recent poll conducted for the Broadbent Institute.

VIEW: Thank a public sector worker, 'cause the minister who leads them won't by Bob Jackson

June 20, 2014 • Bargaining, Political Action, Regional Executive Vice-President

In case you missed it, National Public Service Week was celebrated across Canada this week. Its objective is "to recognize the value of the services rendered by federal public service employees, and to acknowledge the contribution of federal public service employees to the federal administration."

Labour leaders call for action to support teachers

June 18, 2014 • Political Action, Regional Executive Vice-President

via the BC Federation of Labour

As leaders of British Columbia’s Labour Movement we speak with one voice today in solidarity with the 40,000 teachers in the province who are standing up for the rights of children to a quality public education by demanding a fair collective agreement.

Via Press Progress: 5 signs your Prime Minister doesn't like public servants

June 16, 2014 • Bargaining, Human Rights, Political Action

Stephen Harper wants public servants to know he cares.

That's the point of this week's National Public Service Week to celebrate those "Proudly Serving Canadians."

But public servants aren't buying it. In fact, they're boycotting the whole thing.

Public Service Week does not make up for years of service and job cuts

June 11, 2014 • Bargaining, Political Action

After years of service cuts, job cuts and disrespect for hard working public servants, the federal government will hold National Public Service Week from June 15 to 21, 2014, to mark the importance of federal public service employees and to recognize their service to Canadian society.

Video: About PSAC

June 5, 2014 • Bargaining, Health and Safety, Human Rights, Political Action, Workplace problem solving, BC Regional Council, Regional Executive Vice-President, Womens Issues, Young Workers

The Public Service Alliance of Canada represents more than 170,000 workers in every province and territory in Canada and in locations around the world. Our members work for federal government departments and agencies, Crown Corporations, universities, casinos, community services agencies, Aboriginal communities, airports, and the security sector among others. PSAC is headquartered in Ottawa with 23 regional offices across Canada.

CFIA Ratification Deadline Extended to June 6

June 4, 2014 • Bargaining

Due to a power outage in Ottawa we have extended the voting period.  Intelivote will keep the voting system open until Friday June 6, 2014 at 12:00 noon EST

Message From The REVP: Bargaining Info Meetings

June 4, 2014 • Bargaining, Political Action, Regional Roundup, Regional Executive Vice-President

Bob Jackson explains why we're holding meetings around the province, and why it's important to keep in touch with your union - particularly during this round of bargaining.

Some resources and more information

Information for Members on the Performance Management Initiative: A Local Perspective

June 2, 2014 • Workplace problem solving

The Union of Environment Workers Local 70713 recently put together some information for their members around the new Performance Management Program. This information is geared for TB members, but applies equally to all federal government workers - we are republishing it as a resource for members in BC.

Performance Management Program – What is it?

Regina Brennan's Retirement Celebration - Solidarity Forever!

June 2, 2014 •

After over twenty years as a PSAC Rep in the Vancouver Office, Regina Brennan has retired - here are a few photos!

Regina started her “career” as a union activist and PSAC member at Canada Post Corporation. She worked actively on behalf of the local and component over the years. She was also very involved in the feminist movement. She began her career at PSAC as a Regional Rep in the Vancouver Regional Office in 1991. At the time she had young children and trying to balance home and life was challenging.  

Conservative Cuts To Public Services: A Shameful Record

May 29, 2014 • Political Action

Conservative Cuts to public services

This government has cut billions of dollars from public services and thousands of federal government jobs. These cuts are putting public services and public safety on the line. Harper’s shameful record is a resounding failure.

CFIA contract: Last opportunity to attend an information session before the vote ends

May 29, 2014 • Bargaining

The introduction, video and Team Member presentation takes about 20 minutes then you can disconnect and vote or stay tuned for the Q&A session that follows.

Survey on workplace effects of domestic violence: can work be safe when home isn’t?

May 26, 2014 • Health and Safety, Regional Womens Committees, Womens Issues

Less than two weeks remain to complete the first national survey assessing the impact of domestic violence in the workplace.

The CLC-supported survey takes 10-30 minutes to complete and is anonymous. You may enter your name to win a tablet.

The survey closes June 6, 2014.

Treasury Board Membership Meetings

May 20, 2014 • Bargaining

We are in the process of scheduling a series of Bargaining Information meetings for Treasury Board members throughout the province.

Watch this space, we will post meetings as they are confirmed. To date ...

Boycott public service week: Don't celebrate service cuts and attacks on our rights

May 20, 2014 • Bargaining, Health and Safety, Human Rights, Political Action, Area Councils

National Public Service Week will be held from June 15 to 21, 2014. This event marks the importance of federal public service employees and recognizes their service to Canadian society.

May 17th is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

May 16, 2014 • Human Rights, Pride

May 17, or the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia—as it is widely recognised—is an essential feature in the international LGBT rights calendar. In the 9th edition, in 2013, commemorations took place in almost 120 countries, in all world regions.

Wear Your Union Pride!

May 8, 2014 •

We still have some of the PSAC clothing items that were for sale at our Regional Convention left!

"Varsity" style t-shirts in womens and unisex sizes ($10 each) as well as the classic PSAC hoodie in 4 colours ($40 each). Both are union made in Canada.

This Mother's Day, join the campaign to rethink child care

May 8, 2014 • Regional Womens Committees, Womens Issues

For many families, child care is the second highest expense after housing. The average cost per child is $30 to $80 a day, or over $1,000 a month.

Federal Court of Appeal rules CBSA discriminated against PSAC member Fiona Johnstone by failing to accommodate her family obligations

May 5, 2014 • Bargaining, Workplace problem solving
Fiona Johnstone

PSAC is pleased to report that the Federal Court of Appeal has today unanimously upheld the groundbreaking decision of the Canadian Human R

Photos: May 1st Day of Action in BC

May 5, 2014 • Bargaining, Political Action, East Fraser Valley, Metro, North BC, Southern Interior, Vancouver Island
On May 1st PSAC members across BC, joined by PIPSC and CAPE members, congregated outside of their worksites and sent a message to the government: we are united, ready and committed to defending public services, our collective agreements, and our working conditions. Check out the photo album!

Boycott National Public Service Week 2014

May 5, 2014 • Bargaining, Regional Executive Vice-President

Please see the attached notice from PSAC National President Robyn Benson regarding National Public Service Week activities in June. At the February 2014 meeting of the National Board of Directors, we once again called for a boycott of NPSW.

Given that, I respectfully ask that PSAC members in BC not participate in employer sponsored activities in your workplace and that you encourage other members to do the same.

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