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Letter to the Editor - Kelowna Daily Courier

October 1, 2014 • Bargaining, Regional Executive Vice-President

REVP Bob Jackson's response to a recent editorial in the Kelowna Daily Courier.

2014 Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign

September 29, 2014 • Human Rights, Regional Executive Vice-President

To: All PSAC BC Locals

2014 Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The 2014 Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) kickoff is just around the corner.

BC Regional Council meeting minutes and Coordinators reports - September 2014

September 24, 2014 • Health and Safety, Human Rights, Political Action, Area Councils, Council Reports, Human Rights Committees, REVP Reports, BC Regional Council, Regional Executive Vice-President, Young Workers Caucus, Womens Issues, Young Workers

Here are the Regional Council reports and teleconference call minutes presented at the September 2013 Regional Council meeting.

BC Mainland Young Workers Committee meeting & film night

September 23, 2014 • Metro, Young Workers Caucus, Young Workers

To: PSAC Young Worker's Caucus

The next meeting of the PSAC BC Mainland Young Worker Committee is happening on October 21 at 6 pm but we promise it will be short. We can promise this because at 6:30 pm we'll be viewing the film "Miss Representation".

Treasury Board bargaining teams reject attacks on sick leave, promote public services

September 16, 2014 • Bargaining

Our union spent the week of September 9th in negotiations with Treasury Board. We were united in our mission to improve working conditions and reject attacks on crucial benefits such as sick leave.

The government wants you to work while sick. We say no way.

September 11, 2014 • Sick leave

The federal government tabled its “go-to-work-sick” proposal for the federal public service yesterday. Its plan would gut your sick leave provisions.
If implemented, workers will be forced to choose between going to work sick or losing pay for basic necessities.

Next Up youth leadership program

September 10, 2014 • Young Workers Caucus, Young Workers

To: BC Young Workers Caucus
Forwarded on behalf of Vanessa Miller, BC Regional Council Young Worker Coordinator

Public sector unions tell Premier Clark “we stand in solidarity with teachers”

September 9, 2014 • Political Action

Vancouver – BC public sector unions are sending a message to the Premier that they stand in solidarity with BC teachers and are urging her to accept the proposal for binding arbitration.

“The Premier is attempting to use other settlements in the public sector to create a divide among workers in the province,” said Jim Sinclair, President of the B.C. Federation of Labour.

Convention call - 17th National Triennial Convention of the PSAC

September 9, 2014 •

From: National Board of Directors of the Public Service Alliance of Canada 

Attention: All Components, Directly Chartered Locals, Area Councils and Equity Representatives of the PSAC

The Seventeenth National Triennial Convention of the Public Service Alliance of Canada will be held at the Québec City Convention Centre in Québec City, Québec beginning Sunday, April 26 and concluding Friday, May 1, 2015.

PSAC history in pictures - events and gains over the years

September 9, 2014 • Bargaining, Health and Safety, Human Rights, Political Action, Regional Executive Vice-President, Pay equity

Over the last few weeks we've been posting some of events and gains PSAC has made over the years at our regional facebook page. Check it out! note: no Facebook account needed.

Support teachers and public education!

September 2, 2014 • Political Action

The BCFED, with the BCTF, is organizing a series of solidarity rallies around the province over the first week of September. These rallies will give teachers, parents and supporters a chance to demonstrate their support for teachers and send a message to government to negotiate a fair deal for teachers and better supports for kids. They will be supported by the local teachers’ associations and the local labour council.

Standing Together, Standing Strong: Report of the 6th B.C. Regional Triennial Convention

September 2, 2014 • Political Action, BC Regional Council, Regional Executive Vice-President

The report of the 6th B.C. Regional Triennial Convention, including resolutions, financial statements, election results, and more is now available, download it below as .pdf.

Here's the table of contents ...

DAY 1: Friday, April 25, 2014

Labour Day

September 1, 2014 •

Jerry Dias (President, UNIFOR), Robyn Benson (National President, PSAC), Paul Moist (President, CUPE)

PBO report confirms that government is making reckless cuts

August 29, 2014 • Political Action

The Parliamentary Budget Officer released a report on August 14 that confirms PSAC’s assertion that the government is making reckless cuts to public services.

According to the report, the Harper government has made cuts to programs without evaluating the impact of those cuts. Despite the federal government’s insistence that spending reductions would target inefficiencies, the PBO asserts that “performance did not have a strong influence on program termination.”

Bob Jackson's Labour Day message - Celebrate, then roll up your sleeves

August 28, 2014 • Bargaining, Political Action, East Fraser Valley, Metro, North BC, Regional Roundup, Southern Interior, Vancouver Island, Regional Executive Vice-President

The New Union Development Program (UDP)

August 27, 2014 • Education program

The PSAC’s Union Development Program (UDP) has been one of the most comprehensive union leadership training programs in Canada for more than 35 years. 

Building on our rich history, the New UDP will provide an advanced learning opportunity for emerging leaders to develop the necessary analysis and skills to identify and support union priorities, and to expand our pool of skilled activists who can inspire others.

Are you passionate about standing up for unions and workers’ rights?

National Aboriginal Peoples’ Circle Advanced Course

July 31, 2014 • Human Rights, Education program, National Aboriginal Peoples' Circle

Are you an Aboriginal, Inuit or Métis PSAC member who would like to learn more about your union?  

If yes, we invite you to apply for the PSAC BC National Aboriginal Peoples’ Circle (NAPC) course.

Local Affiliation to the BC Federation of Labour & the BC Federation of Labour Convention - Nov. 24-28, 2014

July 29, 2014 • Political Action, East Fraser Valley, Metro, North BC, Southern Interior, Vancouver Island, Regional Executive Vice-President

In advance of the upcoming BC Federation of Labour Convention this November, the REVP-B.C. Office is encouraging all locals who have not already affiliated to the BC Federation of Labour to do so. There is no cost for a Local to affiliate as monthly dues are paid by the PSAC nationally.

The process for affiliating a Local to the BC Federation of Labour is as follows:

Calling all PSAC Members to Pride 2014!

July 28, 2014 • Human Rights, Political Action, Human Rights Committees, Pride

PSAC releases new video: Standing together for bargaining, standing together for public services

July 23, 2014 • Bargaining

From July 8-10, PSAC's newly elected bargaining teams met in Ottawa to start negotiations with Treasury Board.

Our new video, Standing together for bargaining, standing together for public services features negotiating team members talking about the importance of membership engagement in the bargaining process.

Share this video to demonstrate that we are united in defending public services and the working conditions of the people who provide them. 

Sick leave doesn’t cost government extra: PBO report

July 16, 2014 • Bargaining

The Parliamentary Budget Officer released a new report today, concluding that it costs almost nothing extra to pay sick leave to federal civil servants. This is because most departments don't have policies in place to backfill for sick leave.

Come one come all! Help out at the Surrey Fusion Festival.

July 11, 2014 • Metro

Fusion Festival in Holland Park is a celebration of music, food, and culture that takes place July 19th and 20th. PSAC BC will be hosting an info booth in the vendors area.

As we've done for the past several years, we'll be raising the profile of our union: talking to the public and other PSAC members about our work as federal public sector workers, the effects of the cuts and PSAC's We Are All Affected campaign. These events are always fun, and are a great way to meet your fellow union members and members of the public.

PSAC stands strong as negotiations with Treasury Board kick off

July 10, 2014 • Bargaining

This week, PSAC begins the formal bargaining process with Treasury Board, negotiations that will impact more than 90,000 members.

Before sitting down at the table with the employer, we held meetings with our members all across the country. We heard loud and clear that PSAC members want to protect strong public services for all Canadians.

The following principles will guide us at the bargaining table:

PSAC files complaint over Treasury Board sick leave tactics

July 10, 2014 • Bargaining

PSAC filed an unfair labour practice complaint on Monday, July 7th in response to Treasury Board’s efforts to claw back sick leave benefits from employees.

Treasury Board is moving unilaterally to put in place a Short Term Disability scheme even though its collective agreements with employee unions provide paid sick days and engaging in misleading communications to the public and employees.

Peoples Social Forum Aug 21-24, Ottawa: Bursaries Available

July 4, 2014 • Human Rights, Political Action

PSAC BC Regional Newsletter for July 2014

July 3, 2014 • Bargaining, Human Rights, Political Action

Pride Month

July 1, 2014 • Human Rights, Human Rights Committees, Pride
PSAC pride flag

June 20 to 29, 2014 marks the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

PSAC members in Vancouver and Victoria hit a home run during NPSW

June 25, 2014 • Bargaining, Political Action

PSAC members in Vancouver and Victoria hosted two softball tournaments during National Public Service Week. By all accounts these events were a great success! Some photos above, and more at the links ...

Robyn Benson: Standing together makes our voices stronger

June 24, 2014 • Political Action

I can remember facing the future with confidence when I was in my early twenties. I didn’t enter the workforce saddled with enormous student debt. There were good jobs out there. And I ended up being better off than my parents, because that’s the way it was supposed to be. But today, none of these things are true. The so-called “millennials”—all 8 million of them—are deeply uneasy about their future, according to a recent poll conducted for the Broadbent Institute.

VIEW: Thank a public sector worker, 'cause the minister who leads them won't by Bob Jackson

June 20, 2014 • Bargaining, Political Action, Regional Executive Vice-President

In case you missed it, National Public Service Week was celebrated across Canada this week. Its objective is "to recognize the value of the services rendered by federal public service employees, and to acknowledge the contribution of federal public service employees to the federal administration."

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